Development of Athletes

Strength and conditioning is defined by the UKSCA as:

"the specialist area encompassing the physical preparation of athletes for performance in sport, while aiming to prevent or minimise the risk of injury. It includes processes that result in physical adaptation.
Strength work involves all forms of resistance training. Equally the conditioning element can include work on agility, endurance, speed and flexibility and other areas, which can impact on the athlete's performance."

If you are an individual competitor or involved in a team and are looking to rise to the top within your sport then this is for you.

With Lenci you can expect:

Liaison between athlete’s personal coach and athlete to discuss sport specific needs
Advanced fitness testing
The creation of a detailed annual periodised programme
Sport specific programmes designed to reach the athletes goals
The use of Plyometrics, Speed, Agility and Olympic Weightlifting techniques to aid athlete development
Injury prevention and rehabilitation