In over 10 years training people, about 60% of the clients I have worked with have been women. I have managed to keep getting results through a combination of knowing that women need to train more like men, but also understanding that women are different.

The truth is women have a lot more obstacles to overcome on the journey to their ideal body. Fluctuations in hormones, post pregnancy weight gain, pre-menstrual cycles and a huge amount of misleading advice and unrealistic advice from the media.

My approach is to help you achieve health and hormonal balance to reach that end goal of looking great.

I understand that getting back into shape after pregnancy can feel like a monumental task.

As a qualifed post-natal trainer I am experienced in assisting mothers to get back into shape following birth, and in structuring an excercise programme that is appropriate to the delivery, your postnatal stage and individual goals and needs.

Please get in touch for a free introductory session to see how I can help you.