A strong core is one of the most important aspects of any training program, not only for athletes but for all individuals. Often, however, this is the area which is overlooked entirely or given minimal consideration. The reason for this is usually a lack of understanding as to exactly what benefits are associated with a strong core. Most people simply believe that core training or strengthening is simply to achieve that “six pack” and give up when they do not see these results. The truth is core strengthening runs much deeper than this and has very little to do with attaining that six pack.

While most people are aware that the core muscles include all muscles in the abdominal and lower back area, many are not aware that muscles such as lats, glutes and traps can also be considered part of the core. As the core is the centre of the body it acts as the base which stabilises the body and all major muscle groups. There are a number of common problems which can be directly associated to weak core muscles such as:

• Muscular Imbalances
• Lower Back Pain
• Minimal Strength Gains
• Prone to Injury
• Poor Posture
• Poor Coordination

Through correct core strengthening and training it is possible to alleviate these problems. People who understand the functions of the core muscles have seen the benefits of this training for years and this could be the difference between achieving that peak performance, maximal lift, personal best and not reaching your full potential. Having a strong well trained core gives the body much more stability and in turn frees up all the other muscles and allows them to work more appropriately. Some of the common benefits of improving core strength include:

• Improved Posture
• Injury Prevention
• More efficient workouts
• Overall strength gains
• Improved Balance
• Improved Coordination
• Improved Circulation