Lenci knows exactly what is required to improve your overall fitness and conditioning to get you into the best shape of your life. Male or Female, Fat Loss or Weight Gain, Body Toning or Muscle Building or just that "Feel Good Factor", he has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the results you desire.

Do not think that you need to workout in a gym for two hours to achieve serious results. Significant gains can be made with a consistent 30-minute workout, performed 3 times per week (this does not mean that lifting 2.5kg dumbbells for hundreds of reps, at high speed, qualifies as proper strength training!!). It is shocking to find that some so-called “fitness instructors”, advise their clients against proper strength training, and the benefits it brings to achieving goals. This can only be put down to ignorance, lack of knowledge, experience, education and qualification.

Setting specific and measurable goals is a fundamental part of Lenci's approach with individuals.

Is your current way of training doing you more harm than good? Can gaining a little muscle burn a lot of fat?

Muscle is the engine to our metabolism so increasing your muscle mass will begin to strip the body of its fat stores. Just an increase of 1lb of muscle can burn from 50 to 100 calories per day just by existing.

Is cardio counter productive?

Aerobic / Step Aerobic exercise has been shown to deplete muscle mass and so limiting the amount of fat you can burn. Remember when you step off that treadmill or finish a Step Aerobics class you stop burning fat. When you use resistive exercise and work a muscle, that muscle continues to burn calories for up to 72 hours just in recovery. Cardio has also been shown to increase the hormone cortisol, this hormone breaks down muscle fibre and increases belly fat, not to mention the increase in free radicals (oxidative damage) which can lead to accelerated ageing.

Ever noticed that certain parts of your body stores more fat than others?

The key to losing fat is where you store your fat. This can tell us a lot about how you, the individual, function and direct us towards the fastest possible way to get you lean. However if we go against the body’s natural functioning we tend to pile on even more fat, sound familiar? Staying young; as we age we lose muscle and generally become weaker and less function able, using corrective work and resistance training, diet and lifestyle changes we can hold back the tide and look and feel great well into old age.