Here are some of my clients testimonials:

Michael Markiewicz, Doctor:

I have been trained by Lenci for the last 4 years. He has managed to make me a much fitter person as well as encouraged me to loose a significant amount of weight. He very sensibly employs his training to give me an appropriate mix of cardio and weights exercises. I train 3 times per week yet am never bored with his instructions. He always knows how much to push me to the point where I can just about manage.
Whenever I have an injury ( and that is quite often ) he uses his past training in sports therapy to treat and heal me with intensive physio. He is an excellent personal trainer who I wholeheartedly recommend.

Antoine Dépierre, Food and Beverages Manager:

I’ve spend 10 years working in hospitality and never really had a healthy lifestyle. When I met Lenci I was 112kg. From the first session, I already felt better because I knew I wasn’t on my own anymore to reach my target. Lenci really made the difference because he cares and although I knew our sessions would be uncompromisingly hard, I was always looking forward to it. I’ve lost 20kg within 4 months and literally am a new person, thanks to Lenci’s professionalism. Healthier, happier and fit.
This is the best investment I’ve ever done. Sadly I am no longer in the UK and truly miss my training sessions with Lenci. However, he gave me such good advices and guidance that I’m now able to train on my own and maintain my weight. Thank you Lenci.

Laura Caulkin, Project Manager:

I started training with Lenci 2 years ago, a few months after giving birth to my first baby. He has a very calm but persistent style and although I was reasonably fit before my pregnancy, I am fitter and stronger now than I have ever been. My core strength is great, my stomach is flat and the gap that grew when I was pregnant is closed. Lenci worked slowly but surely to help me recover my muscular fitness and tone. He uses a wide repertoire of exercises and his extensive knowledge of anatomy helps him to identify knots in muscles when stretching at the end of a session. Thanks Lenci!

Greig Thomas, Group Controller Ebookers at Orbitz Worldwide:

I have been training with Lenci for just over a year. His approach is simple and effective – structured training, sensible eating and no quick fix. This means that when the weight comes off it stays off. I’ve lost over 10kg and really improved my strength at the same time. I had no idea how much extra weight I was lugging around. I still really enjoy my sessions and would happily recommend him to anyone – so long as you don’t mind hard work!

Laura Sallstrom, Director North America and Asia Pacific at Access Partnership:

Lenci is hands down the best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with. After struggling with my weight for many years, and at my heaviest, he helped me lose 80 pounds. Lenci is the full package. He combines cardio, weights, and constant and consistent diet advice and monitoring. I worked with him for four years before moving back to the US. I make a point of staying near his gym on every trip to London just so I can work out with him. There’s no one else like him…I wish he’d move to the US!

Tony Fong, European Special Situations Group Strategies at Goldman Sachs:

The most creative trainer I’ve had. He always pushes the boundary. Great results.

Samuel Albazaz, IT Engineer:

I have been training with Lenci for 2 years. My body shape has changed a lot since then. Many people I meet and I haven’t seen for a long time keep asking me what’s the big secret behind the new look! thank you Lenci for training me and helping me to keep my body fit!